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Taking Risks

I’ve never bought a home.
I’ve never spent more than $30,000 on a car.
I’ve been working two side jobs for the past few years to give myself some cash flow.


Last year I sold all my belongings to save money on storage unit fees — all I have left is a few bags of clothes, my tv, two computers, my coffee maker and my company.

But all that shit is in the past. I got through it and I’m better for it.

Today I hired a marketing agency and signed a $81,400 contract for their services.

We have put together an amazing marketing strategy and I’m excited to get it implemented. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!!!

Of course I’m nervous because there’s no guarantee we’ll get the results we want but I fully believe the only risks you regret are the ones you don’t take.

I know we have an incredible, revolutionary product and now is the time to invest in our growth and our future.

Let’s close some deals!!! SoundGuard

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