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SoundGuard Updates

"Hey Jonah, how are things going with SoundGuard"

I get this question every day from friends and family members which is fine because it shows me that people care which I appreciate however there are at least a hundred different ways to answer this question.

For better or worse I'm a very transparent person so I figured I would share some of the things happening at SoundGuard including a few pieces of our business strategy.

1) We have already brought on 60+ independent sales reps and distribution partners across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

2) We have hired an agency to help create and manage our email marketing strategy. Over the next 12 weeks we'll be sending a string of well-crafted email messages to 40,000+ people in our target markets in an effort to introduce them to our product and educate them on the uses and benefits of soundproof paint.

3) We have hired a PR agency to help us write awesome stories/content but most importantly help with distribution and placement on high-traffic, credible websites. Our first press release goes out in 10 days to 500+ media outlets, news channels, reporters and bloggers. Hopefully this leads to some great publicity and interviews.

4) I am hiring a digital marketing agency no later than Tuesday afternoon. I have interviewed 10+ agencies over the past 6 weeks and I finally have it narrowed down to 2. They'll be managing our SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) including Google Adwords & Adsense, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, retargeting, and display ads through independent ad platforms.

5) Next week we have a 1-page overview about SoundGuard and our soundproof paint being mailed and emailed to 16,000+ decision makers in the hotel industry (including owners, operators and investors)

We have several other exciting things happening but I can't disclose them yet.

With all of these initiatives essentially happening at the same time our team will have to do an amazing job with A/B testing and tracking the analytics. As things get rolling we'll be making tweaks and doubling down on the campaigns producing the highest quality traffic. I honestly have no idea if our best leads will come from PR or SEO or PPC or email or content or referrals or social or something else but in 2-3 months we will know and that's when we'll significantly increase our marketing budget.

Here are my goals over the next 4-6 months:

1) 50,000 unique visitors to our website -

2. 3,000 newsletter signups

3. 50-60 quality leads

4. 8-10 confirmed projects (some will take months to close)

Because we are solely focused on the commercial markets for now ie hotels & apartments, I expect our average deal size to be $150,000 to $250,000 -- we will go as low as $50,000 and I'm already seeing some projects as big as $1.5 million.

I can't say what our profit margins will be (need to keep some things a secret) but I expect to reinvest at least 40% of our profits back into growth (sales, marketing, hiring, etc)

For the record, my plan is to enter the consumer markets in mid-2018 so that means all you homeowners will have to wait another 6+ months before you can buy our product

I still have not decided if we'll be entering the consumer markets through retail or just going direct from our website but I'm excited either way.

I know that we've found a huge market opportunity and like our tagline says "we created the future of paint".

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