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50 Traits of a Great Entrepreneur

Over the past 2 years I've interviewed more than 225 entrepreneurs for my Startup Sense Podcast. Combined they have raised more than $2+ billion from investors, have created more than 12,000+ jobs and built more than $15+ billion of market value.

These entrepreneurs come from all walks of life.
Men. Women. Young. Old. White. Black. Latino. Asian. American. Canadian. European. Russian.

Some started their company when they were in college.
Some started their company after working several jobs.
Some started their company after coming out of retirement.

Some started their company alone.
Some started their company with friends or strangers.
Some started their company with family members.

Most of these entrepreneurs are still building their companies.
Some are doing millions in annual revenues.
Some are doing billions in annual revenues.
Some have already sold their company to Apple, Oracle, Microsoft or other Fortune 500 companies.

8 of these entrepreneurs have been on Shark Tank.
6 of them got deals from the Sharks.
Together they've done more than $250 million in sales since their episodes.

From all of these interviews which are available at as well as iTunes and Google Play plus my own experiences as an entrepreneur and things I need to keep in mind as I try to build SoundGuard into a $100 million company...I have put together a list which I'm calling the:


1) they seek advice from others, including mentors
2) they are open to feedback, new ideas and constructive criticism
3) they take smart, calculated risks
4) they acknowledge their weaknesses and flaws
5) they never stop learning
6) they never stop improving, they want to be better
7) they surround themselves with people who are smarter
8) they surround themselves with people who have more experience
9) they surround themselves with people who have complimentary skills
10) they are ambitious
11) they are always thinking about the next 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years
12) they are never satisfied
13) they celebrate the wins and milestones
14) they put their employees and their customers first
15) they reward their best team members
16) they spend at least 25% of their time recruiting new talent
17) they wake up early
18) they have excellent time management skills
19) they are very good at saying "no"
20) they always have an agenda for meetings
21) they are super productive during their working hours
22) they are great communicators
23) they know how to built trust with people
24) they have strong personalities
25) they are great at telling the company story
26) they are great at networking and building relationships
27) they work with great lawyers
28) they work with great accountants
29) they treat everyone with respect
30) they invest in product developement
31) they invest in marketing and growth
32) they enjoy doing interviews
33) they don't dwell on past mistakes
34) they are extremely competitive
35) they understand the importance of work/life balance
36) they exercise regularly
37) they eat a healthy diet
38) they like to travel
39) they respect their competitors but want to crush them
40) they are humble
41) they are extremely passionate about their company
42) they have hobbies
43) they read books
44) they are not motivated by just money
45) they do charity work
46) they never stop talking to their customers
47) they have integrity
48) they ignore the naysayers
49) they didn't start their company to make a quick buck, they wanted to solve real problems and build large sustainable companies
50) they love their life, their company and their employees


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